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Career Leap at ATB Group UK

What we expect

ATB concentrate on drive technology. This focus on our core business has made us one of the leading electric motor manufacturers. If you want to join the successful team at ATB, we expect the following from members of staff:

  • Customer focus
  • Result and solution orientation
  • Passion for Performance
  • Integrity
  • Team, company, group spirit
  • Visionary thinking
  • Entrepreneurship
  • HR development
  • Continuous improvement
  • Professional communication

What we offer

ATB is an innovative, flexible company embedded in an interesting network for strategic cooperation. We are a company that is continuously developing. In addition, ATB operate in a demanding market environment. All this calls for staff willing to meet new challenges every day. We offer you a role in highly professional teams with experienced management and an international environment.
You will be given the responsibility for tasks that take both your personal talents and professional goals into consideration. We treat each other with respect and practise open communication. Our growth stems from our employees’ ideas, creativity and commitment. We support all our staff in developing their personal skills and technical expertise.

We offer exciting jobs in the following areas:

Technical Fields:

Product management, engineering, design, production, assembly, quality assurance, project management.

Commercial Fields:

Sales, marketing, accounting, controlling, treasury, operations, R&D, purchasing, project management

Current Vacancies

We don't currently have any advertised roles, but be sure to check back here to see if anything changes; alternatively you can also email us and we will review any communication we receive

Please note

We do not deal with recruitment agencies, so please refrain from enquiring if you are one

Gender Pay Gap Report

From 2017, any organisation that employs 250 or more people must calculate and publish information about their Gender Pay Gap. The data for pay rate comparisons relates to a snap shot as at 5th April 2020.  The date for bonus payments relates to bonuses received between May 2020 and April 2021.

The ATB Group UK Ltd has three sites in the UK, located in Norwich, Leeds and Birmingham. At the reporting date, the group employed 301 people, comprising 271 males and 30 females. All three sites are engaged in the design, manufacture and test of electric rotating machinery. The Birmingham site manufactures small motors and generators. The other two sites manufacture progressively larger equipment weighing up to 40 tonnes and can be considered manufacturers of heavy industrial equipment. We believe this focus on manufacturing and in particular, heavy industry does not generally appeal to female applicants. Despite this, we are happy to say that we have female employees in manual shop floor roles, shop floor inspection, purchasing, planning, sales and finance.

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